Delegation is similar to Outsourcing.

A successful entrepreneur should be able to delegate as to reach greater results. It is one of the key rules if one wants to grow its business. The principle of delegation is similar to outsourcing process.

Most company directors do feel a big sense of ownership for all internal processes and work. So delegating, seems risky to them. They do feel the job will be done only if they are part of it. But, in many cases (practice shows) it slower company evolution and growth.

Entrepreneurs have to delegate part of tasks as to have time to take important decisions, they are the bottom neck. By outsourcing, entrepreneurs do source part of the work (PART, not whole as many do and then fail) and can concentrate on valuable projects done internally or on other ideas. An entrepreneur should not wait until his employees/projects are burning out because of increased work volumes but start delegating/outsourcing slowly until they come to a perfect set-up.

An entrepreneur should invest more time in research, be it for business development or partner purpose. So make your expectations clear and trust but verify. Outsourcing works good if it is planned properly.