Web Development Recruitment Challenges

It is not easy for web development agencies to recruit additional good or experienced web developers. Regardless of the company location the competition is high.

As a result web design companies have 3 options at their disposal:

  1. hire junior developers and trust them with big projects,
  2. hire freelance developer and trust he/she will not leave the job undone or of lower quality
  3. hire a web development outsourcing agency and hope their team will deliver project in time.

I would suggest a 4th solution. Establish in-front partnership relations with a web development agency and arrange a test project with them. So, when times comes and you need development capacity, you have your back covered.

Finding relevant remote web development partner is not easy and the decision should not be taken in 24h (pressured by deadlines) but after min 2 weeks of discussions.

First impression many times is incorrect so you need min 5 interactions and 1 completed project to build trust.