What web development services are easier to Outsource

What type of web development services are easier and best to outsource: graphic design, development or both? Just development would be easier, faster and more relevant to outsource.

Explaining the project verbally through virtual/online means can lead to understanding difficulties, on the other hand the graphic design remains the same: an image explaining many things with less words. With graphic design + explanation you get maximum close in getting a successful project developed remotely.

Secondly, your in-house designers could faster create a graphic design based on client’s preferences as they can talk directly about it, without intermediary parties.

And last but not least, you can advise your clients on best practices and not rely on someone else expertise. The freelance developer or agency gets just to digitally code and represent client’s expectations.

Many companies fail in their first attempt to outsource a project remotely because of getting the development agency to build both: graphic design + development part.