Remote work becomes the new trend

Remote work, especially in IT sector, becomes the new trend

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has caused widespread panic across the world and many companies had to figure out how to effectively introduce remote work and manage communication among employees. Apparently, IT companies are best prepared to work remotely, as well as to maintain team spirit through continuous communication and learning, even in this difficult situation.

We care about the health of our employees

Because we value collaboration and communication, we prefer to work from the office. We have always felt that it is easier for us to work productively and to create a sense of trust and unity.
Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we had to make a change and encourage the whole team to work from home. Now we are all working remotely. This was not a difficult decision to implement, due to the fact that we are an IT company and are well prepared with both the equipment and the technologies needed to manage the virtual workspace.

Only one thing changed – we work from home now

  • We work with a number of routine tools to support mobility and remote working, video communication tools: GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts and Skype; messaging application: Slack and for project management: Jira.
  • The CEO communicates daily with team leaders to ensure that all team members are healthy and do not encounter impediments in performing their tasks.
  • We continuously communicate with the whole team through video calls, share hobbies and interests in separate Slack groups, congratulate birthday people with nice gift deliveries and are actively involved in the social life of the community by donating necessary sanitary materials for proper work of the hospitals.

Recruitment process- green light!

The era of technologies provides many digital tools that have been activated by us to meet current challenges. Talent hiring is essential for the development of our company, maybe even more in these conditions. We are continuing the recruitment processes and the interviews with our candidates have switched from face-to-face meetings to online video interviews. Our HR Coordinator is available through email, mobile phone and Linkedin to help interested candidates find out details about new job opportunities.

… other projects were only postponed

  • All our events, both internal and external, have been postponed until the end of coronavirus pandemic.
  • We follow the advice of the local government and take all precautionary measures to ensure that our employees are healthy and safe.

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