About Best4u International

Best4u was founded in 2019 with the simple but essential goal of connecting great talents with great partners. We believe that outcomes for development talent and business partners alike are better when software experts work in an environment that allows them to continually increase their skills.

Core team

Our team is committed to professionalism and cooperation throughout every collaboration. We love challenges and are eager to have the opportunity to find the solutions you need. We are sure that your ideas coupled with the right talent andr input can make even complex tech journeys smooth.

Iana Gincu

Marketing Manager
Iana’s aim is to create meaning, not just marketing. She strongly believes that the power of connecting people to businesses is the heart of any great brand.

Marina Bunescu

Finance Manager
Passionate about numbers and clear budgets, Marina coordinates tasks related to financial control and audit.

Dana Dunai

Financial Specialist
Dana is here to help us build a strong financial department. She is well organized and very responsible. She is taking care of data entry into the system, preparing balance sheets, updating financial records, and processing invoices.

Elena Ivanov

Marketing Executive
Elena is a marketing professional who manages and oversees the execution of marketing strategies. Creative and confident, she focuses on developing brand awareness and communicating effectively with target audiences.

Tatiana Poleacova

People Coordinator
Tatiana is involved in attracting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding employees to our company. Her main responsibilities include sourcing candidates through various channels, planning interviews, and participating in selection procedures. Tatiana is the link between the Human Resources Department and our stakeholders.

Andreea Glava

People Coordinator
Andreea is responsible for sourcing candidates, planning interviews, and taking care of all logistics processes in the HR Department. She is actively involved in the recruitment process, up to and including onboarding.

Cristina Stelea

Office Manager
Cristina takes care of company logistics and procurements to ensure all employees are happy and have the tools they need to be successful.

Our story

Our story began in 2011, when, due to the IT talent shortage in the Netherlands, the founders of Best4u Group were forced to look for solutions elsewhere to expand their business. They discovered immense tech talent in Moldova and decided to take a risk and enter this then-unknown market for them.


This was the year they created a new development office, which they called Best4u Development. That’s when Serghei Covali started his career as a software developer and later as the CEO of Best4u Development.


In 2019, Serghei capitalized on Best4u Development’s great success in Moldova and came up with the idea of sharing our experience and helping external partners scale up their business. Best4u does this by building teams of software developers in Moldova and integrating them with clients’ in-house teams to create one entity.

Our mission

Being a people-focused organization has allowed us to create a mission that wraps our services around global partnerships, connecting talented people with great brands.

Creating teams for our partners isn’t merely theoretical for us; our practical experience speaks for itself.

Our core values

Our values set up our culture and the way we achieve our goals. Our management team didn’t just make a list of platitudes; our employees decided what was most important to who we are as a team.


We do what we say and communicate openly. We generate trust by always being truthful and sincere..


Commitment is never outdated. We embrace our work and deliver on our promises to our partners & employees.


We are driven by an unstoppable curiosity to discover and understand. We continuously learn new things and encourage initiative. We love being challenged and inspired.


We have the skills and knowledge to do our job well, so we expect a lot from ourselves and others. We go the extra mile, taking every opportunity to continually improve.

We are partners for the greatest few

Being selective allows us to ensure that we do not over commit ourselves, which makes sure our partners and employees are safe in the knowledge that if we say we can, we will.