Price model

The price model we offer is based on transparency and at the same time flexibility. For us it is important to achieve a partnership based on trust and cooperation. That is why the total cost per month is actually decided by you.

The total monthly cost per your employee is constituted from:

Gross Salary

Which is decided by the hiring company, our partner.

Management Fee

The fee we charge for arranging and administering your extended team.

The Management Fee includes

  1. Paying all the other taxes related to hiring (labor law regulations)
  2. Payment of office rent
  3. Payment of all benefits offered to the specialist: lunches, fruits, office supplies, utilities, Christmas party, team buildings (carting etc), picnics, presents, birthday cakes, even some bonuses, and many others.
  4. Payment of all bank costs related to salaries payment, cards maintenance
  5. Management costs
  6. Individual budget for development per professional of 500 euro: courses, conferences, trainings, books purchase etc.
  7. Administrative costs
  8. Book-keeping cost
  9. English classes