An Unforgettable Experience Visiting the Offerte Headquarters

An Unforgettable Experience Visiting the Offerte Headquarters

One of our extended teams from Moldova spent the last two weeks of August in the Netherlands visiting the headquarters for the first time.

Andrei, Valentin, and Ruslan are a small but very talented team and began their journey with plane tickets and passports in hand. 

The guys flew from Chisinau to Vienna, where they switched planes for a flight to Amsterdam. At 23:00 Dutch time, they landed and were met by Freek, one of the co-founders of, who took them to the hotel where the team would stay.

The hotel was located in the Northern part of Amsterdam and was cozy and new with a self-service concept.

The next morning, the Moldovan Offerte team went to the main office, located in the city center of Amsterdam. They got to finally meet face-to-face with people whom they had previously only seen in Google Meet.

Moldovans never come to visit empty-handed, and the guys brought goodies to their colleagues – 4 bottles of Moldavian Wine and 8 “plăcinte” (Moldavian pies). Of course, they were welcomed warmly, and the gifts were appreciated.

The same day, our extended team went to dinner with the founders. They discussed the future of the company and ways to make the team from Moldova even more efficient.

The first day went great, and the team had fun meeting new people, making plans for the future, and tasting Dutch cuisine.

The same day, Andrei, Valentin, and Ruslan rented bicycles so they could see what it’s like to live in the Netherlands. Every morning, a ferryboat took them to the opposite bank of the canal, and they continued to the office by bicycle. Amsterdam is perfect for bicycles. Cyclists have priority on the roads, and traffic lights make things easier.

There are high expectations for everyone on a business trip, so the guys had to work really hard. They had to finish an important project while they were there and had a lot of work to do. In two weeks, they made many releases and often worked late.

On Friday, August 27th, a small party at the office was organized. They had two occasions to celebrate: the launch of the project and the Independence Day of Moldova.

On the weekend, the team visited two small towns outside Amsterdam – Volendam and Marken.

In Volendam, they had dinner at the oldest smoked eel restaurant in the country. It is a family business that has passed from generation to generation. They had a tour and found out about how eel fish live, migrate, and are caught and smoked. The tour was fascinating, and the guys agreed that the food was especially tasty.

The Offerte team was grateful for the chance to eat at a huge variety of restaurants in the Netherlands. They were impressed with the fact that every spot they tried, no matter how large or small, was delicious.

People in the Netherlands are more open, more direct, and liberal in many things, so the Offerte team from the Netherlands is very friendly and fun. They tried to involve the team from Moldova in their hobbies.

Jooshua’s hobby is photography. One night he took the Moldovan guys on an evening tour of Amsterdam and a photoshoot.

Freshy loves to go fishing. He owns a boat and fishing license. He took the guys on a fishing trip. In the evening, after work, they set out on the canals to the outskirts of a lake, to catch trout.
Of course, they didn’t catch anything, apparently, because fishing is not just about boats and fishing rods; it takes talent. Even though they didn’t catch anything, they spent the evening sailing the canals of Amsterdam and had a great time.

Overall, the trip went great. The job got done, the main museums and famous Amsterdam locations were visited, and traditional food was tried and enjoyed.

They even have a list of pros and cons for future tourists and business visitors to the Netherlands.

They appreciated the:

  • Infrastructure
  • Cleanliness of the city
  • Open-minded people
  • Tasty cuisine, especially fish

They could’ve done without the:

  • High prices/expensive parking
  • Depressing weather
  • Emphasis on riding bicycles (it’s more difficult than it looks)
  • Excessive number of tourists
  • Lack of elevators

Overall, it was a great time and a productive trip!

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