Backstage IT

Backstage helps connect the challenges of a business with a team of specialists who convert ideas into results. The company has the expertise to make business processes smarter, faster and easier.

“As the number of projects continued to grow, we were looking for reinforcements for our team. Via employees, online and offline vacancies, recruiters … all to no avail. During our research across the border, we met a number of talented developers in Moldova and decided to take a risk and build an external team.”

With the help of Best4u International, we’ve managed to put together a team based on our wishes and requirements. This way we’ve supplemented the business activities and expertise that we didn’t have in-house, such as project management, development and testing.

” Extended team model of cooperation is not only good for us because of the high level of professionalism of Moldavian developers and the flexibility it offers, but also because it helps us mirror our company brand identity inside the office in Moldova.”

Emmo Elshof

Nowadays, we act like a bridge between Moldavian developers and business owners, as soon as one of the biggest issues is that Dutch entrepreneurs are not aware of this kind of service: extended teams. Or they want to hear it from somebody they know, somebody who has tried it and is satisfied with the collaboration. For us it is easy to answer all their questions and doubts because we can prove it all with facts.