Changes in the IT market

Changes in the IT market

2020 will remain in history as not only the year of the Covid-19 virus but also the year which changed the way we perceive and do things.

Everything started with the lockdown measurements and the impossibility to get to work the way we used to. However, the most important lesson to learn was: how do one company continue its growth while physical meetings, gatherings at the events were closed and employees suddenly were spread not in 1, 2 or 3 locations but simultaneously in 20-50+ ones. 

Remote work existed prior to Covid but only 15-20% of the total market was fully prepared for it. Luckily the new software developed prior to March 2020 quickly allowed those who were not yet prepared to move to remote work to adapt.

In such a way, the biggest constraint companies had: “HOW my employees would work remotely?”  simply vanished.

This change influenced as well the way IT companies were considering outsourcing and outstaffing services. Suddenly, they have come to realize that not having dedicated employees who will fight together through bad times can destabilize their company. The short term solutions (such as outsourcing and outstaffing) represented an unstable slow growth model.

The power always laid in the actual employees and the corporate culture one has created during years that united them in one, even though the team was spread across multiple locations.

The IT market needed a change and the interest of having own employees, not rented but own employees, in different locations was the best shot and investment to take in 2020. Those who did, not only they prevented the fall in growth charts, but helped them increase profits in times you think everything was lost.

Extended team model which appeared on the market in Moldova in 2019 brought this hope for better times and we are not only proud we managed to help our partners extend their teams and employees in Moldova but as well be able to show its direct benefit.

Yes, Moldova, a country located in eastern Europe which not many know about, became the new office location for 16 partners which in total count 100 employees in only 1.9 years since its existence.

2020 was a complicated and busy year for us since we had to carefully select the partners with whom we are going to create, educate and maintain their new extended team – new colleagues with Moldavian culture and high level web development skills.

Not every company can be eligible for this model since the success of this service is directly related to the extent our potential company partner is willing to dedicate, invest and manage their new employees from Moldova.

Our key element is: Bonding! We are not only recruiting people but helping the “mother companies” really bond, transmit the company culture and goals to unite them in one nucleus.

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