The secrets of the most dynamic and well-paid job in the IT field revealed by Mihai, Full Stack Developer

What are the benefits of extended teams?

The key ingredient for a successful company? Having the right people on board!


Since March 13, it was decided that all our employees will work remotely for several weeks, as the health and safety of each of them is a top priority at Best4u.

Chisinau – city of the year in SEE for IT development

The capital of the Republic of Moldova won the „Emerging city of the year in SEE“ award along cities like Tbilisi and Sofia, in one of the most important conferences in the field of Business Process Outsourcing & Shared Service Center.

Interview with Axel from Packaly

Packaly is an on-demand delivery service that delivers parcels within 60 minutes or at the most convenient time possible.

Remote work becomes the new trend

The recent outbreak of coronavirus has caused widespread panic across the world and companies had to figure out how to effectively introduce remote work.

Meet the team: Stanislav, Node.js Developer and Team Leader

Stanislav is a Node.js Developer and Team Leader at Packaly, the most innovative express delivery company in NL. He is not just a great co-worker, but also a fascinating person.

Meet the team: Ion, Full Stack Developer and Team Leader

Besides being a great professional, Ion also enjoys working in a team and motivating others to do their best. He is known for his positive energy and work ethic.

Moldova – a hidden gem of tech talent?

Judging from the dynamics of the IT market growth, in 2020 we will see major growth also in the number of local IT specialists and international companies will discover Moldova as a favorable country to extend their in-house potential.


Don’t blindly wonder if EXTENDED TEAM MODEL or OUTSTAFFING is right for you. Read the pros and cons for each model in our article. Our goal is to empower business owners like you with information so that you can make the right choices without any lasting remorse.

Scaling culture in a fast growing company

How should fast growing companies keep their culture? How to avoid losing it, as you bring on-board more talents, have better defined processes and move away from being an enthusiastic start-up?

Hiring process: how do we do it?

Whether you’re looking for a new opportunity or you’re just curious about our hiring process, you can find a brief overview of it below.


The secrets of the most dynamic and well-paid job in the IT field revealed by Mihai, Full Stack Developer