Since March 13, it was decided that all our employees will work remotely for several weeks, as the health and safety of each of them is a top priority at Best4u. We are all now working from our #homeoffice. To make the best of the current situation an initiative arose, called #greathomeoffice. Each of them was encouraged to take pictures of their home office and share them within the community.

Our challenge? Cheer up the team even if they work from home

The initiative started with an encouraging message from Sander Geels, one of the founders of Best4u International followed by a photo with him working from home:

“Hi All,  We are living/working in a strange time and the whole world needs to deal with these circumstances. Therefore, from my homework station, I want to say how proud I am of all of you being so flexible and responsible. “There is light at the end of the tunnel, but the only way out is through”.

Dozens of photos of the home workspaces of our colleagues followed. It cheered up our mood and helped us hold together as a team, though working remotely.

The only way out is through

Working from home and still being productive seems to be a challenge, but not for our great team. Even if it is not easy sometimes: when your kids decide to help you with the code, want to play with you the whole day round, your cat wants to sleep on your laptop, you are visiting the fridge every hour and Friday parties moved to a WhatsApp chat, we still keep doing it.

It has never been easier to save the World- just by staying at home! We highly appreciate the responsibility with which our team approached the quarantine announced throughout the country, staying at home, while doing their job as efficiently and quickly as during normal working time.

Our advice? Keep faith

It is a weird, but still an important time for all of us, which we can spend next to our families, invest in self-development, acquire new knowledge and skills, and later on return to our office life with renewed vigor and be ready to steer to greater heights together.

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