Interview with Axel from Packaly

Interview with Axel, founder & CEO of Packaly, the most innovative express delivery company in NL

Packaly is an on-demand delivery service that delivers parcels within 60 minutes or at the most convenient time possible. The inspiration to disrupt the on-demand delivery market for retailers came from the long and hard road Axel had to take with delivery service during his previous companies in e-commerce. He really saw a problem when parcels took days or sometimes even more than a week to get delivered. Delays or waiting are not part of the fast economic shift the world is in right now. We are living in a 24/7 economy, so people need to be able to receive health products, groceries or other things they need within 60 minutes.

Q: Why is Packaly unique and how does it differ from other delivery services?

We are unique because we deliver within 1 hour, always. We offer a service that many courier companies cannot guarantee as they do not own the flexibility like we do. We are even able to deliver a parcel in 11 minutes, and we do that incredibly well. Our focus is not on everything, everywhere. Our focus is on specialized categories, inside your city.

Q: Who are your target users?

Right now we deliver for retailers and their customers. They are our target market, where we can learn more and grow our service with them.

Q: How big is your development team at Packaly? Where is it located?

Our team consists of 4 people, 2 developers in Moldova and 2 in the Netherlands. We have a diverse team and we love the power of having remote working. It gives our team flexibility to focus on what is needed and finish our sprints very detailed.

Q: What values do you promote to keep your team happy and engaged in reaching common goals (both for local and remote)?

We have a couple core values in our company that keeps the young and powerful team dynamic alive. We are all under 30, which makes us a young but very eager to learn team. This keeps us closely connected and also focused on our values. One of our values is to work hard, which motivates the extended team and the in-house one to always focus on working harder to reach sprint deadlines and find problems. We organize online Friday drinks to strengthen the connection between colleagues.

Q: What difficulties do Dutch startups like Packaly encounter while looking for tech talent in the Netherlands? Is there a shortage of developers with specializations required for your product development?

First of all, as a startup it’s important to consider all budgets but invest mostly in technology. It is hard to find talent in the Netherlands, as big tech companies have a lot more to offer right now. This is why it has been a simple and also fast choice to opt for an external development team. We started looking into different countries and we chose Moldova, as a country for extending our team. We are happy of the result – it gave us the power to expand way faster.

Q: What factors did you consider when choosing a country to build a remote team? Why have you opted for Moldova?

Good English, fast communication and a highly rated reliable partner. We wanted to work with a company that can help us expand in a matter of days and this is what we got delivered. We went from a single to double team in a matter of 7 days. This was one of the biggest reasons our choice was Best4u International.

Q: What things about working with Moldavian developers impressed you the most?

They are fast, highly skilled and know what they are talking about. They have the knowledge you need in an early stage company, but also when you are scaling up and growing your team. This is powerful to scale fast and get answers from your development team constantly.

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