Moldova – a hidden gem of tech talent?

Moldova- a hidden gem of tech talent?

When thinking about Moldova as an IT destination, many organizations don’t quite know what to expect. The country is rather small and just under 30 years old since its independence. But here is the revelation: in the last years, the Republic of Moldova has registered dynamic growth and is building up its IT and telecom sectors at lightning speed, managing to attract large companies thanks to its proximity to Western Europe, as well as culture and workforce.

Current opportunities

With a lot of English-speaking specialists and emergence of new tech communities, with more than 26k professional software engineers employed in software development companies and 2k annual tech graduates, the Moldavian IT ecosystem is rapidly transforming into a more professional and mature industry. 

Still doubting? Read some important insights on the Moldavian IT sector:

  • Innovation: Multiple organizations (including USAID, ATIC – the Moldovan Association of IT Companies) in cooperation with local IT companies and the Technical University of Moldova are constantly launching new projects and events with focus on training and improvement of technical skills of the local talent pool (paid internships, conferences on web development subjects, ICT career orientations, university courses focused on specific trending languages/technologies, etc)
  • Flexibility to target multiple markets: Moldavian specialists have multilingual capabilities and are generally competent in more than three languages. Most of them speak Romanian, Russian, English and the percentage of people speaking competent French and German is also steadily increasing. This provides flexibility in targeting various markets for IT services & products.
  • New Training Models: Various new training models such as the one for rural senior school students and another to encourage workers from other sectors to switch to the ICT sector are gaining traction in Moldova.
  • Funding and Technical Support: Development organizations (USAID, UNDP, World Bank, Austrian Development Agency, etc.) are keenly involved in improving ICT sector competitiveness in the country. Moldova has a healthy IT ecosystem, with several expert communities, IT clusters, hubs, innovation parks and accelerators.

Focus on the future

Moldavian software development industry is among the country’s fastest growing sectors. According to the statistics, the turnover in the industry has increased more than 2.5 times in 3 years. Tech companies in Moldova ensure a steady capital inflow into the country’s economy, attracting foreign investments and paying fair taxes. Judging from the dynamics of the IT market growth, in 2020 we will see major growth also in the number of local IT specialists and international companies will discover Moldova as a favorable country to extend their in-house potential.

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