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Welcome to the Video Library. This page will give you insight into how Best4u works and what working at Best4u is like. You can learn about our expertise, gain a greater understanding of extended teams, check out our office space, and see how great it is to be a part of our team.

About us

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Your trusted software development partner from Moldova

Best4u will find the best software talent in Moldova and partner with you to build a high-quality, motivated team that shares your vision and values.

Extended Team Model

Best4u International forms teams of IT specialists from Moldova. These specialists become effective employees of our partner companies.

Office tour

When it comes to Best4u, what we all crave most is togetherness and connection. So kick back, relax, and take a minute to enjoy this video and the energy of our office. Adventure, camaraderie, and great work performance all start here.


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Barbecue Party

Summer is the perfect time to host a team-building event in the sunshine, and that’s exactly why we choose this period to organize an out-of-town retreat with the team. From food to grilling tools, table games, and fun, we made sure not to forget a thing.

Kids‘ Party

Happiness is seeing our kids happy and getting to spend more time with them.
Each year, in the first week of June, we bring together parents and their kids for a memorable team-building activity full of laughs, games, balloons, cartoon characters, and fun.

Programmer’s Day (Asconi)

Programmers’ Day is celebrated on the 256th day of each year. Tradition demands that on this memorable day, programmers must be treated with pizza, soda, and beer for the amazing work they do and the code they write. We go further and organize excursions to wineries or other places in Moldova worth visiting, accompanied by a festive atmosphere, jokes, contests, and prizes for the whole team.


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Emisiunea „I like IT“

In collaboration with TV8, we have launched a media project called “I LIKE IT” dedicated to those interested in the fascinating world of coding.
In the first edition, we talk about stereotypes in IT. Some people think it’s a fully male-dominated profession or that IT people are boring! We do plenty of mythbusting in this video.