There is a war on IT talent in Belgium, so it’s hard to find experienced developers who can take the lead in web and software development. Add to that the fact that Dynamitt is a startup, and Jonathan, its CEO, was trying to attract highly-skilled developers who were willing to grow with the company. He looked for a solution that could provide him a team of experts outside Belgium’s regular job market.

“An important value is open communication. When you work with a remote team, this is crucial. If there are some frustrations for example, you have to address them immediately. You don’t have to be afraid to speak up even if you are not in the same room.”

Jonathan wanted to make sure that his extended team could add the maximum value to his project. As such, his requirements were:

1. Time zone – he wanted a team who would be close to Belgium’s time zone to facilitate communication

2. Knowledge and flexibility – Jonathan has a ton of ideas, and with each idea a new tech stack comes into play. He was looking for a partner with the expertise to keep up with him.

3. Excellent service – going the extra mile to achieve a better result is his credo, and he expects the same from his partners.

4. Trust – long-distance collaborations are built on trust. Jonathan needed a team that he could rely on, and he found it with Best4u.

“The most recent experience that impressed me about my Moldavian team was their ability to adapt to our customers’ platform which was in a foreign language to them. Even though everything was in Dutch, they understood almost everything that needed to be done and were able to change it without extra explanation from my side. Their willingness to always do a job even better than I ask, is something I really appreciate.“

Jonathan Brits

We make sure that onboarding team members understand and share Dynamitt’s vision. When everyone is on the same page, we can work toward company goals together. The joint team is currently working on an online dashboard that will help everyone in the company visualize Dynamitt’s goals and targets.