Extended Team Journal

For many, the extended team model is still an enigma. Check out articles written by our guest bloggers for an impartial view of topics that interest you the most.This page will shed some light on how extended teams really work.

All for tools and tools for all.

Today, we’ll tell you about the most common and efficient ways to keep in touch with your team here, in Moldova, and have your business going right.

Employees trust us – Apparently, we’re Best4them too.

We don’t only need the trust and approval of our partners to do business. The people we hire, the driving force that keeps things running, and their satisfaction is no less than a priority to us.

IT education in Moldova

Are IT specialists in Moldova good enough? Are there enough educational opportunities to set a healthy background for someone willing to become a highly qualified IT specialist?

Best4u Client Profile

We’re looking for a trustworthy partner…s. Let’s play a Tinder-like game. We’ll see here whether we’re a match or not.

Why choose Chisinau to extend your software development team to?

Perfectly reasonable question. We’re going to give you a perfectly reasonable answer.

False alarms about ITraps in Moldova. Threats that are not threats.

Evaluating the risks when extending your team abroad is a must and a sign of professional behavior and solid vision. Sometimes, risks are under-evaluated – that’s naivety. Strongly ill-advised. Sometimes, risks are over considerate – that’s anxiety, unnecessary fear, and concern. Seriously counterproductive.