All for tools and tools for all.
Get your team ready.

If Best4u proves to be everything you could ever dream of from a trustworthy partner, which is most likely to be the case, and you got your team here, then you will have to start working.

You’ll have to get a full pack of tools to get things moving …

Your team, though, is not next door, right?

It’s right here, in the middle of human despair, where Jean-Claude Van Damme retrieves kidnapped children and fights crime – the movie 6 Bullets –, so it’s no joke, you’ll have to get a full pack of tools to get things moving, besides purchasing bullet-proofs and helmets for your developers to prevent them being viciously killed on their way to work.


Today, we’ll tell you about the most common and efficient ways to keep in touch with your team here and have your business going right.

For mere communication, there are a couple of tools that basically offer the same opportunities and soul-reaching channels, with slight differences making them a bit more or a bit less suitable for you.

For example:

  • Chanty is better for teams no larger than 10 members, as it has got a free plan for them, plus one guest and up to 20 GB storage space per team.
  • It also allows integration with popular cloud storages and has a searchable history. State University of Moldova (USM);
  • Skype, one of the titans of the industry, raises the number and grants limitless communication for up to 50 persons.
  • It also blurs the background for you, stores the files you share for a whole month and makes it possible for someone to connect to a call via link, without actually installing the app.;
  • Zoom – best for conference calls. Up to 100 people go live for 40 minutes within a free plan.
  • Moreover, the app is the industry’s master of illusion, as it gives the opportunity to set whatever background you may want, so if you’re on Zoom and see your colleague next to a raging tiger, unless they’re next to a raging tiger, they’re probably still sitting at their desk.;
  • Microsoft Teams makes sure 300 persons fit into one meeting, grants unlimited chat and offers 10 GB of shared and 2 GB of personal free cloud storage, within the free plan.;
  • Slack says you have a free way to 10 000 of your team’s most recent messages, ensures integration with other apps and allows one on one voice and video calls between teammates.;

What about project management tools?

For project managing purposes, there are some softwares to help you too:

Pros – supports roadmap requirements, great for agile, available integration, great customization options.
Cons – not the best mobile app, reports are not reusable, limited file size upload (10 MB).

Pros – free plan, variety of integrations, prioritization, great storage security, customization of the dashboards.
Cons – tasks can only be assigned to one person, no time tracking, limited exporting functionality.

Pros – storage of files and documents in one place, good pricing system (free plan and paid plan, that’s it), on/off notification setting, mobile capability, good documents and files storage and client access, creation of hill charts, integrations.
Cons – no time tracking, no ability to archive a topic, no starring feature.

Storing and sharing files? No problem.

You may want to have a common warehouse for the whole team – right? –, an info-garage that you would get to open anytime you want to find anything you need.
Nothing more useful than a cloud storage system!

Google Drive Cloud Storage:
It’s enough to have a Google account to use the feature, which grants 15 GB storage, access to Google Drive applications like Slides, Sheets and Google Docs, it’s designed simply, user-friendly and allows easy and safe file sharing.

Although it’s a paid one too, the free plan is really advantageous and useful as well, giving you the opportunity for 2 GB storage and access from computers or/and mobile devices.
Moreover, data sharing and storing is as secure as it gets.

Apple iCloud Cloud Storage:
With only an Apple ID, you already got yourself 5 GB storage for keeping media files and backing up iMessages, calendars, reminders and notes.
The option to sync it with applications like Pages, Numbers and Keynotes, all of them being free for iCloud users, makes it even more appealing.

Store everything into a cloud then, and let it rain efficiently!

Working on web design?

You would certainly use one of these:

  • InVision Studio:
  • Accelerates designing, prototyping and animating by enabling cooperation of more designers at once.
  • Furthermore, it allows to design and add advanced transitions and animations to create an interactive design and you also can save a prototype to InVision and send a link so others can see it.
  • And hey! It can be downloaded for free.
  • Xtensio:
  • It’s all on real-time collaborations’s side – presentations, proposals, reports, sales sheets etc.
  • It also makes adding images, videos, tables or other interactive modules easy, so living documents have the opportunity to happily keep living, grow and smile.
  • Sketch:
  • It helps sketching, you know…
  • It’s got a massive library full of plugging and components to jumpstart projects.
  • Moreover, it offers smart layouts which automatically resize elements within the design.
  • But! It’s a program that runs only on Mac, so there are no Windows of escape out of this…

Well… now your extended team is fully armed.

Good luck and inspiration.


(Article created by Catalin Ungureanu – guest blogger)