Best4u International Client Profile

Let’s find out if we’re a match or not. We’ll follow Tinder rules to see our companies are well suited.
So we’re a cute company.
No, we’re gorgeous. We’ve invested in ourselves, we look great, we’re ambitious. We’re definitely looking to get out more, see the world, and meet new people.

We’re looking for a trustworthy partner…s.

We’re very touchy, and once we’ve decided that we like you, we’ll definitely want to stay in touch.
We value the bonds we create, and we nurture them all along the way.
We’re looking for trustworthy partner(s).

We’re not up for one-project stands. Serious intentions, responsibility and commitment are what matters to us..
The best part of all this though, is that, if we get to pick you up, we’ll care just as much about you as we do about ours. That’s kind of our whole thing.

Ok, let’s put Tinder to the side for a second and talk about what this actually looks like.

We basically clone your company identity, with everything it consists of – name, slogan, values, traditions, habits, swag – and build a team that we imprint all of that on. We offer your team a spot in our office, where they won’t just work for you, they’ll be a part of you! You’ll interact with them just like you would with a team on a different floor of your office building.

This strategy is what’s known as the extended team model.

It’s neither outsourcing nor outstaffing – the team we build is yours, and you even get involved in the recruiting process.

So are we a match?

We are, if:
– You want a long-term relationship (minimum one-year collaboration).
– You’re willing to operate within the extended team model, and it works for you. You’re down for helping create your team, continuously communicating with it, and guiding, running, and managing it, just like you would for the team in the office next door.
– You are a small or midsize enterprise (10 to 200 employees).
– You want to get at least 4 or 5 employees richer.
– You have a minimum of 3 years of business activity.
– You trust us.

Currently, our partners are scattered among four main places:

  • Netherlands – the place where Best4u International started out, back in 2019 (80%);
  • Germany (10%);
  • Belgium and Ireland (10%).
  • Iceland

So far, so good, we’re moving forward.
So if you’re looking for someone you can rely on and trust with a part of yourself, who will be just as devoted to you as you are to them, and never let you down, swipe right.

See ya, partner!

(Article created by Catalin Ungureanu – guest blogger)