Employees trust us –
Apparently, we’re Best4them too.

We don’t have an anthem.
If we did though, one version of it could make Chamillionaire proud:
They see me rollin,
They trustin’…
And they actually have a profound and deeply rooted reason to do so.

The people we hire, the driving force that keeps things running …

Ok, who’s they? They are the employees.

We don’t just need the trust and approval of our partners to do business.

The people we hire, also known as the driving force that keeps things running, or employees, or brains and quickly typing limbs (usually hands) that voluntarily carry themselves to work, have to be satisfied with what they do. That satisfaction is a priority for us.

Blissfully for everyone, they are satisfied at Best4u. What makes this a reality?
Well, first of all, they make good money.

Second, and just as importantly, they feel safe and secure, which is is the necessary emotional foundation for building a great team.

But how did this come to be? Are they just miraculously confident people, or is there something about the environment that builds that confidence?

To answer that, let’s talk about the way we’re rolling.

Best4u runs the extended team model, which makes people actual employees of a company, actual parts of the company that they’re professionally linked to. And it’s not just for a project or two – they’re part of the company for the entire duration of their employment, and they belong.
The need to belong is a fundamental part of human nature. Belonging is linked to survival in our ancestral brain. Of course, that doesn’t mean that if you leave Best4u, you die. What we mean is that when you’re part of a team,, when you have those common values that go beyond your professional life to actual social bonds, when you feel cared for and valued, when you share, and when you’re being shared with, you feel much more grounded and secure.

This crazy last year isolated people a lot.

Yes, it boosted freelancing activities, changed mindsets, made people reevaluate their lives, and forced them to take new decisions and reorient themselves, none of which is trivial. Nevertheless, it seriously affected what it means to “together” or part of a group. This year left a lot of people on their own, physically and metaphorically.

People who work in freelancing and outsourcing feel this acutely, since, while they have flexibility and a sense of adventure, it’s anxiety-inducing to not know where your next project will take you, or even whether you’ll have a next project at all.

At Best4u, this uncertainty does not exist.

You have your company, your company has you, you have each other as you noticed, and this remains your professional reality just as it would for an employee working out of your company’s HQ.

Our employees know this, and they trust us.

Will you?


(Article created by Catalin Ungureanu – guest blogger)