False alarms about ITraps in Moldova. Threats that are not threats.

Evaluating the risks when extending your team abroad is a must and a sign of professional behavior and solid vision.

Sometimes, risks are under evaluated – that’s naivety. It’s not something we advise. 

Sometimes, risks are overconsiderated – that’s anxiety, or unnecessary fear and concern. It’s pretty counterproductive.

There is a saying in Romanian – The Devil is not that dark.

However, the devil does look frighteningly dark if you’re trying to find it without a flashlight.

This is why we need to see the devil just the way it is. Naked, if possible.

So, you’re considering extending your team in Moldova through Best4u International, but you have your doubts, those doubts may grow bigger if you feel their object is less under your control.

So let’s shine some light on that devil. Your business success here depends partially on variables that you have control over and partially not.

Working with extended teams

When you adopt the extended team model, you have control over:

  • Selecting your employees
  • Creating the team
  • Communication within your team
  • Work processes

However, there are things you do not own and that do not depend on you, but which, nonetheless, may impact the quality of the work and the profitability of your business.

First of all, you may find that one of Moldova’s biggest global challenges is being confused with the Maldives. And while we don’t have their beaches, some might think you can still get burnt.

Sources of UV rays in Moldova include:

  • Corruption;
  • Emigration;
  • Political instability.

These are pretty important issues, right? Before evaluating them, you should know something about what we do to contain them.


Yes, corruption is an issue in Moldova, but it’s not like it’s required by law. In order for corruption to flourish, it has to be in the right environment, and that environment does not exist at Best4u. No one even tries.
There’s no reason to try, nor is there a chance of it actually working.
Our accounting, contracts, and wages are transparent, and that will never change.
We respect ourselves and our partners, and that translates into an honest mutual commitment.
Our original Dutch partners and the companies we already work with can be called to the witness box anytime.


Yes, Moldova has its strong traditions in this regard, but it’s not really a national hobby. Nobody leaves because they want to bring a baby on an airplane.
People leave out of necessity. They leave when they feel that there’s a lack of financial opportunity.
IT is one of the best paid fields in Moldova. The fact that IT businesses flourish in Moldova is actually why many people are still here. It/IT gives them hope.
Everybody wants to stay home and earn good money, and IT offers people the opportunity to do so.

Political instability?

Well… we’re not shaking and falling apart like a post-Frodo Sauron’s tower.

We have our political issues like everybody; some deputies don’t really get along, some parties leave, some parties come, some want a piece of East, some want a slice of West, but, overall we’re a stable environment for business.

We’re not at war.

We have institutions that could do their job a lot better, that’s true, but they’re functional.

Moreover, the IT field is a little privileged economic island. Think of us as a little slice of the Maldives (just don’t book your flights wrong). 

 It has its own fiscal regime, and it produced more than 7% of Moldova’s GDP in 2019.

Our internal GDP (Great Deals Picking) is pretty high too, so we’re waiting for you.


(Article created by Catalin Ungureanu – guest blogger)