IT education in Moldova

You may be wondering if IT specialists in Moldova are good enough – a legitimate concern when considering extending your team here.

The answer would be “everyone can become a highly qualified specialist if they put in enough will and effort,” but you’re looking for more detail, right?

Are there enough educational opportunities …

You’ve got it.

Are there enough educational opportunities to set a healthy background for someone willing to become a highly-qualified IT specialist?
The answer is “Oh gosh, plenty of them!”“Gosh” is a mandatory part of that sentence. Without it, you wouldn’t know just how certain we are.

We have opportunities! We have a lot!

First of all, there’s the classic source of education – universities.

A quarter of all the universities registered in Moldova have IT studies in their curriculum and produce almost 2500 IT graduates per year:

  • – State University of Moldova (USM);
  • – Technical University of Moldova (UTM);
  • – Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM);
  • – Free International University of Moldova (ULIM);
  • – State University “Alecu Russo” from Bălți;
  • – Cooperatist-Commercial University of Moldova;
  • – State University from Tiraspol;
  • – Pedagogical State University “Ion Creangă”.

What about other opportunities?

In addition to their own curricula, these universities provide student exchange opportunities with international universities, plus internship and hands-on learning projects with local engineering companies.
If Moldavians are looking to get started before university, they can start blazing an IT trail earlier at the Center of Excellence in Informatics and Information Technology!

Or even earlier!

The Republican Center for Children and Youth ARTICO provides IT education even for kids, with a full “Junior IT” module.
We also enjoy a ridiculously high number of projects with local and foreign capital run in the pursuit of one big, chunky, fat goal – to raise the quality of IT professionals and get them involved in the increasingly bigger world of start-ups and businesses in Moldova.

This includes::

  • Tekwill;
  • Step IT Academy;
  • DNT Educational Center;
  • Link Academy;
  • Academy+;
  • ConvertIT;

Please don’t consider this an exhaustive list.

We even have specialized opportunities, like GirlsGoIT, which is designed to help young women get started in the field. 

Although we know we need to give some evidence, we stand by what we said initially, that everyone can become a highly qualified specialist if they put in enough will and effort. And what we see in Moldova is a whole lot of will.

Young people want to do IT. They understand that the job is well paid, and they’re really up to putting the effort into learning. They’re passionate, motivated, and they’re going to change the face of IT, at least in Moldova, if not the world.

Will you?


(Article created by Catalin Ungureanu – guest blogger)