EXTENDED TEAMS vs OUTSTAFFING: recruitment differences

Extended Teams vs Outstaffing: recruitment differences

Employees are the trigger to a company’s growth. For this reason, the recruitment process is one of the most important processes in a firm. How this takes place can influence the whole outcome and targets achieved.

Because we are in charge of creating extended teams and consider ourselves experts in our field, we decided to make an in-depth comparison of the recruitment process of both models to highlight the key differences between them.

Let’s start with defining both terms for a better understanding:

Difference between the two

Let’s start with an explanation of what the difference between software outstaffing and extended team model is.

OUTSTAFFING (or else called “renting” service) – a service offering a short-term solution for capacity issues related to the shortage of talented skilled professionals.

EXTENDED TEAM a model offering a possibility to hire own employees in a different country keeping the same company values and culture for long-term success.

The differences in the definitions of the two already determine the non-similarities in the processes they both use. So let’s see how they differ and why:


  • You get access to CVs matching your technical requirements.
  • Your contracting of personnel is limited only to already in-house developers free for this project.
  • You do not get to choose the soft skills of the people hired.
  • You may or may not have a pre-selection interview (depends on each company preference).
  • The recruitment process is normally around 2 weeks long.
  • The starting date of the developer is determined by the company they work for.
  • You will pay a flat fee per month or per hour determined by the service provider, no salary decision.


  • A meeting is established with you to determine the soft skills and technical requirements of your new employee.
  • We will have a first phase interview to do a pre-selection of candidates matching your expectations.
  • You get access to CVs matching your requirements.
  • The list of candidates is made up of new people that are ready to be recruited and become part of your company/team. No in-house specialists.
  • You have the final interview with candidates you chose from the CVs.
  • You know their salary expectations and decide on the offer you want to make them.
  • The recruitment process duration is decided by you. It can be a minimum of 1 week or 4 weeks even. Until you get what you look for.
  • You decide on the starting date together with the candidate.

How To Decide Which Team Extension Model Is Right For You?

Outstaffing and Extended teams definitely have at the center one common element – People. Both services work, the main question is what solution is fitting more your company. Would you only be interested in quick placement for a short period of time considering only their technical skills (outstaffing) or you would like to invest in your own people, get to know and make them a part of your company and team success for many years forward (Extended Team)?

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