Why choose Chisinau to extend your software development team to?

Perfectly reasonable question. We’re going to give you a perfectly reasonable answer.

Economic environment

You may want to think of Chișinău as an IT Park. Seriously. Actually, we have a little IT Parkception here.
Chișinău has an IT Park. It does, alright?
The IT Park has been continuously and galloping growing since its foundation in 2018.
Currently, it’s host to 698 official residents, some 12000 employees, and it’s gaining so much business land, that while you’re reading this article, some new company may be filling in the application form.
151 of the companies dwelling in the IT Park have foreign capital, so that if you want to extend your team in Moldova, you’re not enrolling yourself into the running of an uncertain experiment. You’ve already got peers here.
So the thing is real, it’s functional.
Now, Chișinău itself is the IT Park of the country.
Most of the IT companies are concentrated here.
Thus, Moldova has an IT Park – Chișinău, the capital – which has an IT Park itself.
The IT industry has gained the reputation – well anchored into the reality, no doubt – of pretty much the best paid economic domain, so people, especially youngsters, are really tempted to jump in.
Many of them get to change their profession, give up their previous occupation and reorient themselves towards becoming ITsts, so trust us, you’re just on the top of the wave.

Geographic competitive advantage

1 Hour Ahead of Most European Countries, 7 Hours Ahead of the US (EST)

Chisinau has an advantageous strategic location unrivaled by most neighbouring cities. Moldova falls within the GMT +3 time zone, which makes it very convenient to set up meetings with your extended software development team. The city is served by a modern international airport and convenient airline connections.

There’s more… the cultural component

People in Moldova can work, and they will, if they are motivated enough.
The work ethics dominating the IT industry in Moldova is very similar to that of Western businesses. Moldavian developers aren’t just performers. They’re open to challenges and confrontation, get personally involved in the projects they’re working on, and are interested in facilitating their success.
Moreover, a recent survey revealed that, if treated with dignity, respect and appreciation, 60% of Moldavians are ready, by their own will, to work even more than officially asked to, plus they spend extra time developing their skills: they read educational materials, attend courses or IT events.

The only work model provided by Best4u – extended teams – keeps the employee in touch with the central core team members here, as well as it keeps them in touch with their direct employer, which is you, so the friendliness and the agreeableness of the environment can be continuously checked on, if people’s treatment may rise doubts, concerns and questions.

The big financial advantage

It involves lower costs, man. Simple as that. Eastern Europe is economically cheaper than Western Europe and other regions. It’s certainly more expensive than some other places, but it’s still decently and reasonably wallet friendly.
You’ll get quality work done with less logistics, maintenance and wage expenses.
It’s also important to know that, since the IT industry produces an important part of the GDP (7,1% in 2019), it’s got to be some kind of a privileged child of the system, so be sure there’s a big emphasis put on the domain’s stability.
Be sure we also maintain the stability of our will to have you trust us.

To sum up, the IT market dynamics and the large pool of IT professionals, great geographical location makes Chisinau an attractive IT destination.
Come visit us, street view us on Google, we’ll be those with a big welcoming coding smile, you’ll see us.

We’re Best4u. We mean it.


(Article created by Catalin Ungureanu – guest blogger)