Providing an excellent customer experience is a top priority for Best4u International team.

What types of services do you offer?

Best4u International helps you build teams of software developers and other area talents in Moldova, joined to your in-house team as one entity. We go to the next level and help businesses not only find and recruit developers, but also mirror your brand identity at the office in Moldova. Your team works from the Best4u office, but shares the same values as your company does. For more information on our services, check out the following page on our website: https://www.best4uinternational.com/our-expertise/

What types of professionals can you help me hire?

Software Developers, QA Specialists, DevOps, Project Managers, and more. We also have industry-specific expertise in accounting, finance, architecture, etc. Contact us for more information.

What programming languages/technologies do you work with?

Every language and technology available in Moldova. There are more than 26k software developers here. We can help you when it comes to JavaScript, PHP, Java, .NET, and Python,along with other languages listed as our areas of expertise. We can help you find developers with other skills as well. If the skill set you’re looking for is not often used or is very difficult to find in Moldova, we will let you know from the start.

How quickly can you help me extend my team?

We have a wide network of highly skilled, experienced professionals. Typically we can help you set up your extended team in Moldova with candidates who fit your company, enjoy what they do, and can jumpstart in 4-5 weeks, though the exact time frame will depend on the type and number of specialists you need.

Why is Moldova a great country to extend my software development team?
  1. Cultural match- Moldova is located in Europe, and companies from abroad often find that Moldavian developers are easy to work with. Software development teams in Moldova easily get along with the in-house teams of our partners, with the same get-up-and-go spirit that ensures projects make progress quickly.
  2. Language – English is widely spoken in Moldova, which is why companies around the world like to work with our teams.
  3. Same timezone – Your extended team will be working in your timezone or with only a one-hour difference. You don’t have to wait until the next day to get an answer to a question or a status update on assigned tasks. You can even fly to Moldova from almost every European country. Chisinau has direct flights to 40 destinations in 19 countries.

More facts about Moldova:
3.6 million population
26.000+ IT professionals
2.000+ tech graduates
47.64 Mbps – high internet speed
1 airport
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Best4u International office. How does it look like and where is it located?

Our office is located in the country’s capital, Chisinau – a modern office in a nice sector of the city. It has 1000 m2 and houses over 90 employees.

Within the office our employees benefit from the following facilities:

  • 5 equipped meeting rooms
  • 3 coffee machines and kitchens with everything you could ask for
  • 1 relaxation  room, where employees can take a break, play board games, PlayStation, table football, etc
  • 1 area for playing table tennis
What does your PRICE MODEL consist of?

The price model we offer is based on transparency and flexibility. It is important to us to have a partnership based on trust and cooperation. The total monthly cost per developer is based on: gross salary of the developer (decided by you) + fixed monthly management fee, which we charge for arranging and administering your extended team. So you essentially name your price. For more details, check out the following page: https://www.best4uinternational.com/about-us/price-model/

What are the costs associated with setting up a team?

There is only a recruitment fee and set-up cost per specialist. We’ll provide your developers with the other stuff they need to get started, like office space, supplies, and support staff.

What sort of administrative support do you provide for your partners?

A dedicated case manager will be assigned to your team. He/she will help you stay up to date with how your developers feel and whether they need something. Our accounting department will deal with all administrative issues including payroll, taxes, and social contributions for your extended team. Our office manager and system administrator will make sure your team’s work process is running smoothly and they have all the facilities they need to do their job properly. Our marketing team will organize team-building events to help your developers build stronger personal bonds.

How do I communicate with my extended team?

You can plan short daily standups, weekly plannings, scrum, and team building meetings.

Project management tools like Trello or Jira will help organize work and distribute tasks. By using tools like these, everybody on the team will know who is currently working on which task, plus what’s finished or needs to be reviewed. Weekly planning and reviews based on those ticketing systems will give you information about your team’s progress, completed tasks, and continual to-dosf. Trello and Jira are also a great place to document ideas and future functions.

You can use various channels (chat or video) to communicate: Slack, Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, or Google Hangouts.

What if I’m not satisfied with the developers I hire with you?

This doesn’t usually happen, but if you are not satisfied with one of your team members from Moldova, let your case manager at Best4u International know immediately. We’ll do our best to improve the way you and your extended team cooperate. If this doesn’t work out, our recruiter will start looking for a replacement.

Can I bring my team on business trips to my headquarters?

This is actually a requirement we’ve always had for our partners. We truly believe that this creates a closer connection between the two teams (in-house and extended) and facilitates a friendship between them. As a result, you will get one team who will want to grow your company and improve work processes just as much as you do. We even encourage our clients to visit their extended team from Moldova at least once a year to spend some time working side-by-side with them. It’s a great way to establish trust.

How do you make sure my intellectual property stays secure?

Your extended development team may work in our office, but the work they do belongs to you. We take precautions to make sure your intellectual property stays yours. We sign NDAs with all developers. Further, you’re encouraged to use your own servers or systems.

Our standard security measures include restricted access to the office, antivirus protection, a strictly-enforced password policy, and system administrator support. We can add additional security measures at your request.

Still Need Help?

Providing an excellent customer experience is a top priority for the Best4u International team. To share any feedback or get in touch with our Business Development Manager, please send us an email.

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