How do we work?

We start with a consultation where you give us more details about your business needs, team structure and job description of the talents you are looking for. We identify your expectations and requirements for the candidates and proceed.


  • We identify the best talent based on the company culture, goals and professional skills required.
  • We complete extensive interviewing based on technical and soft skills requirements, as well as company fit. 
  • Best candidates are proposed to you for evaluation.
  • Second interview is conducted by the company partner. We arrange the online interview of the chosen candidates with you and technical staff on your side. 
  • Decision process on which candidates have been selected.


  • Our case managers take care of the onboarding process and facilitate the accommodation of new members within the company.
  • We evaluate employees job satisfaction quarterly, as well as customer satisfaction, analyzing the feedback of both sides and identify areas of improvement.
  • We organize regular team building activities and corporate parties each year to create a friendly work environment for your teams. 
  • We connect your employees with your company values, to ensure that each team member feels equally valuable and strives to shape the future together with you.


  • We hire smart people who excel at what your company needs, helping your business grow faster and if you need more staff capacity, we are here to help you find the right talents
  • We hire people who will support the values of your company
  • When a team grows bigger, we suggest you hire a team lead who will take care of all the communication, takes care that the responsibilities are shared equally and everyone in the team is happy. 
  • Team leaders have weekly growth sessions with the CEO to improve their leadership skills

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Building a team with Best4u International is like opening your own development center in Moldova, but without struggles one can face when opening a company.