The IT industry is more and more prolific, and the technical skills have become a ”must-have” almost in all fields. Competitive salaries, a friendly work environment, and loyalty programs offered by IT companies provide the necessary impetus for professionals to permanently improve and to attain new results. The passion for technologies, coupled with strategic thinking and a lot of curiosity can ensure your success on this path. And this is attainable regardless if you had studied the computer since childhood or just interested in a change of career.

Ten minutes were more than enough for Mihai Gatman to spontaneously change his course. He came to Chisinau to submit his application to enroll in a different university, but, in the end, he chose to apply to the Technical University of Moldova, to study information technology. And today he is a full-stack developer working for Best4U International.

Mihai: „I started working in my sophomore year and the field I chose to study i.e. web technologies, excited and attracted me the most. I began sharpening my skills at a rapid pace. I even had a couple of attempts alongside my friends at working with clients. I had far-reaching plans that ultimately failed by the time I graduated, but, nonetheless, these taught us a few important lessons.”
Although over the course of time, the IT field evolved, the algorithms and programming models that Mihai studied in school are still relevant in his work to this day.

Mihai Gatman:” First of all, it is a great responsibility since a full-stack must have extensive front-end and back-end expertise. Apart from these two technologies, he must be able to connect also the related software, because the client expects an estimation of the total workload and product.”
Besides technical expertise, in this function, to be curious and always look for new solutions is key. Mihai considers that it is not essential to be a pioneer, but nonetheless, you need to be able to adapt what has been done before to obtain a positive result under all circumstances. 

Mihai Gatman, full-stack developer, Best4U International: „The software developer must not be always overloaded with tasks because in that case, these become much harder to fulfill. He must feel free, to let his imagination roam freely to work better and to create something beautiful and productive.”

To become a full-stack developer, who participates in the development of a project from idea to implementation, you must have both technical knowledge and experience. In Mihai’s opinion, 3-4 years of hands-on practice can give you important skills that can help you solve more easily certain problems and to become a professional in the truest sense of this word.

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