Meet the team: Stanislav, Node.js Developer and Team Leader

Interview with Stanislav, Node.js Developer and Team Leader at Packaly, the most innovative express delivery company in NL

Stanislav is not just a great co-worker, but also a fascinating person. In the interview, he tells us about his journey, what inspired him to become a developer, what career path he pursued in the beginning, his thoughts on the future of tech and much more.

Q: Why programming?

I have to go back in time: my first encounter with programming was at school. At that time we were doing basic Pascal and I found it fun to solve the problems, but still did not pay much attention to it. I was focused on other important stuff like video games, browsing the internet or playing with friends. I reached the last grade and for some unknown reason, I decided to choose Informatics as one of the subjects for my final exams. At that moment I felt like I wanted to be different from everybody else who chose Geography. 

Years have passed, I obtained a degree in Economics, started to work in a bank, everything seemed fine. It was a dream job for many people and I had it. I was doing pretty well, everybody was proud of me. Nevertheless, I was always doubting: “Do I want to do this for the rest of my life? Do I enjoy it?”. After thorough thinking, a crazy idea came to my mind: “What if I just leave the past behind and become a programmer? I always liked to solve puzzles and enjoyed it, why not have such a profession?” So yeah, this is how it started.

Q: Where did you get the necessary skills?

I define myself as a person of “Do more, talk less”, so the plan was simple: I had to start somewhere. I did some research and came to the conclusion that obtaining  another degree in Computer Science is a good option, but most importantly, it will allow me to make friends in this field and participate with them in various events, which would exponentially increase the speed of learning new things.

I started to read articles, books, participate in programming events, the so called “hackathons”, talking to people in the field, researching the market. Basically, I dived heads up into this big and awesome world of programming. 

Q: Why Node.js?

I am a very curious person by nature. I never learn one thing. I knew from the beginning that I want to understand how this world works first. I started to learn everything from mobile development, game development, web development, algorithms and so on and so forth. I did some research and found out that almost every website is created using JavaScript at least on the frontend side and yeah, you can basically do everything with it. Later on, I found out that you can use it even on the backend shown by big companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal and I thought: Ok, let’s try it.

Q: Is it easy to stay up to date with an industry that moves at breakneck speed?

Easy? For sure not. That’s why I am never focusing on a programming language/framework on it’s own. I always try to learn new trending stuff that seems cool and promising. As a famous quote says: “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you”. Looking at JavaScript/Typescript/Node.js world, one can see they are not going anywhere soon. But as I said, I always try to stay on top with new emerging technologies, like Golang or Flutter.

Q: What was your best success throughout the process of development?

We have successfully restructured all the backend logic, basically rewritten it, made it more scalable and maintainable, started integration with other companies like Paazl and launched our product in 5 cities. We still have many things to improve, but we are on the right track and looking to a brighter future.

Q: What do you like most about working with Packaly?

I was shocked how open-minded and friendly our colleagues from Packaly are. Even if working from another country, I never feel left out. I communicate daily with the CTO and CEO from Packaly, discussing different approaches or solutions that we need to think about.

Q: What’s your brightest flashback from the collaboration with Packaly?

The fact how responsive they are to my suggestions. Since the first moments of our collaboration, I felt that there is a synergy between us. We are easily communicating and I find it so cool to have a virtual drink and talk with the CTO each Friday .

Q: Did you enjoy the business trip to Packaly’s office in the NL? Do you think it is a good method to unite the whole team? If yes, why?

Yes of course, the fact that we visited them in the short time after we were employed created this strong bond between us. This trip made me realize that as long as we have the same vision and motivation, distance is not an impediment.

Q: What traits of character should a developer possess?

First of all he/she should always be curious. Second, he/she should have a rich imagination as programming is an art. Communication skills should also be at a high level. The rest comes with years of experience.

Q: What’s your superpower?

Thinking outside the box. I can easily adapt to any situation and no matter what the problem is, I stay strong and find a solution for it.

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