finds the right extended team fit to scale up their software development initiatives.

The story so far…

Back in August 2019, was looking for two software developers (a Full-Stack Developer and a Front-end Developer) to drive their product development prerogatives. started working with Best4u International to extend their software development team to Moldova within a tight time frame and without having to develop expertise in Moldavian legislation or job markets. came through with successful job candidates, who accepted their offers within’s desired four-week period.


Dealing with IT talent shortage

In light of the talent shortages associated with the Dutch IT market,

acknowledged the need to widen the geographical boundaries of their team. They needed a partner that could provide them a shortlist of candidates with the right professional and personal skill sets.
Freek, one of the co-founders of, used to work as a consultant for many different companies. He wasn’t initially sure that it was worth opting for an extended team. Most of the businesses he worked for were outsourcing their software development, but he hadn’t found that it worked well enough to have an impact. Covid-19 made him see things differently. The moment everyone started working from home (no matter where home was located), was the moment when Freek decided to give it a try.

Later on, he understood that EXTENDED TEAMS is not the same thing as OUTSOURCING or OUTSTAFFING

His primary concerns have always been about quality. While he’s not a developer, Freek knows a lot about the development process.

Cultural fit is a high-growth business with a bold set of values. The company has a real focus on preserving transparency, as well as their collaborative, optimistic and positive culture as the company continues to expand. Their initial request was not just for technical skills; it was about finding a balance between experience, personality, and cultural similarities.


The initial search was for two experienced web developers. They needed forward-thinking individuals who could develop the product while ensuring that each task is fully completed. A strong knowledge of the PHP programming language and best practices was required.


Over the course of the search, Best4u International mapped the Moldavian market in search of the suitable candidates. The recruitment team focused their efforts on providing a shortlist of pre-screened candidates. The selection process included two-stage interviews, starting with the technical specialist and people coordinator from Best4u International and culminating in a thorough final interview with the co-founder of, Freek Bos. The selected candidates had ten years of software development experience (as a Full-Stack Developer) and 5 years experience (as a Front-end Developer) respectively.


Best4u International helped find the requested candidates, on time and on budget, for an ideal first foray into their collaboration. As a result of the success of the partnership and the quality of fit for the developers, decided to expand their extended team with a developer who could focus on the back end.

Plans for the future

Freek is sure that the Moldavian team will grow. plans to take their remote developers on business trips to the Netherlands, as well as travel to Moldova himself. This will ensure team bonding and culture transfer. It will strengthen team relationships for even better performance and productivity.

“A managed service like the service that BackstageIT offers: creation of extended teams, can make your life easy. When you decide to do it, have a long term plan. If you don’t have that, it is better to opt for other services”

Freek Bos


Here are just a few features of our model that has appreciated over the course of our partnership to date.

  1. Cultural fit appreciated Best4u International’s level of focus in providing the right fit both technically and culturally, which they saw in all candidates proposed for the interview.

  1. Speed

In a fast-paced market, needed to hire the developers in weeks rather than months to drive forward their innovative ideas. Best4u International’s competence to balance the quality and speed of the process was the key to a successful collaboration.

  1. Collaboration and allignment appreciated the constructive assessment of the candidates provided by Best4u International. They were also pleased that Best4u International made sure that everyone was both comfortable and engaged throughout the hiring practice, which made the onboarding process for the successful candidates run smoothly.