Software development

In the event that you have a software product that should be developed from scratch or updated according to a set of requirements, we can help you build a team of developers in Moldova who

We could help you find a variety of custom software developers, with broad experience in modern technologies, who always come up with innovative solutions.

Architecture (BIM Modeling)

The story of how we expanded our field of activity, besides the expansion of software development teams is very interesting. We have built a software application for one of the biggest construction companies in the Netherlands. Being satisfied with the work the Moldavian team did, they asked us if we also have talented architects in Moldova. After thorough research, we shared with the Dutch company several profiles of local architects. After the interviews, we have helped them build a team of 5 architects who are now successfully collaborating with the in-house team of the construction company.


As technology becomes an increasingly crucial and ever-present ingredient to the recipe of modern day life, automating your accounting and financial processes as much as possible helps you to get the most out of your business.

We have experience in extending teams of accountants/bookkeepers who are working for large international clients, active in all different kind of business lines like Petrochemicals, Industrial products (like spare parts), Consumer goods (sportswear, fashion, healthcare, …), Commodities (coffee, cacao,…), Specialty Chemicals, etc.