The year in review: 2020 in a nutshell

The year in review: 2020 in a nutshell

Can you remember a year more life-changing than 2020?

The coronavirus pandemic took away so many things we love this year — which made us even more grateful for the possibility to keep us united and to continue our collaboration.

Below, we round up some of the year’s most special moments in images.

2020 started with no signs of storm

The year started as normal as possible, with dozens of events, personal development plans, conferences to attend, and trips to make. Now we don’t even remember what it’s like to be in the total component and to stay so close to each other.

The year of Covid. And (hopefully) the year of easy, home-based work

We have adapted to the new reality and we have demonstrated that working from home is as efficient and productive as working from the office.

We have adapted to a new “normal”

The mask and disinfectant have become the trendy accessories of 2020, and now we can’t imagine what it’s like to offer a hug or a handshake as a sign of gratitude.

Acknowledged Victories & Celebrated Success

Praised and celebrated life

If we started the year by celebrating the birthdays with the whole team, the situation has changed to 180 degrees since March. We learned to enjoy birthday gifts … alone.

Scaled up the number of teams

The pandemic did not stop us from doubling our team number in 2020.

Helped the community

A community feels more alive when people who live there love it enough to help improve it. The more we give, the happier we feel. In 2020, we managed to bring smiles on the faces of less fortunate children (every child has the right to benefit from school supplies and be prepared to learn and succeed in school) and on the faces of doctors and nurses who help us treat and stop Covid-19.

We never forgot about team retreats

Best4u International has doubled the number of square meters of office space

Didn’t forget about the company culture

To maintain team spirit during the pandemic, we communicated continuously online, created hobby-based channels, organized online contests, created motivational videos for colleagues, and always felt connected with the colleagues from abroad.

Outdoor team-building

The best thing was that we managed to organize 2 team-buildings outdoors which allowed us to raise the team’s morale and raise their level of motivation for the next period.

Christmas party wrapped in a box and in a different outing with the team

Besides the special Christmas box each of the team members received, they also went out for a mini celebration. Most countries have imposed drastic restrictions on social life, in particular going out in the city, in a large number of people. Local restaurants are still open until 22.00 pm and allow more people around the table, as long as safety measures are observed and social distance is kept.

A huge thanks to our partners who took care of their extended teams along the way this year.

Now, Let’s turn the page in the hope of a prosperous, healthy and happy New Year!

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